Justin Pearson: Punk Ethics

As a musical genre, punk's not commonly considered to be riddled with nuance, suggestion, or surprise. What you see is what you get. It's either on or it's off. Loud or louder. Rude, bombastic, brutal. Like it or go the fuck home. But every now and then, someone or something comes along to challenge everything you thought you knew...

Buzz Osborne Isn’t Wrong

The Melvins? Who are the Melvins? My eyes panned down to find Smokehouse drummer sitting a few feet away on that very floor where I’d been sleeping, next to an empty turntable. It was his cigarette I smelled: Marlboro. Carefully, he rested a shiny black twelve inch onto its surface and dropped the needle. Seconds later, I found myself inundated by a sound so immense, I felt like I’d been kicked in the gut with my own steel toed boot, in the most incredible way...

Yannis Adoniou: The Art of Doing

"In those moments when we go out of the ordinary, where we’re breaking the path, this is what we remember. This is what life is based on. When everything is on schedule, on time, there’s nothing to remember. It doesn’t leave an imprint. I think that choreography, or the creation, or the timing is what moves you along. In between is you and the present, and the moment that you’re learning from..."

Tomi Paasonen: Questions & Dreams

"...I always find myself being closer to who I am when I work with nonprofessionals. I feel like I’m closer to something more authentic, something more real, something more broken if you say. Something that asks more interesting questions than forms that are perfect. Forms that are perfect remain in a sort of clinical state and don’t touch as much as when the realness of that broken form shines through. I like the periphery so much.”