Wandering with Claudia Camila Lopez

Wandering with Claudia Camila Lopez  Born 1968 Bogotá, to a mother and father who were still children themselves, Claudia was sent to live with her grandparents. She grew up in a large, beautiful country home, with all kinds of animals roaming around, birds singing, plants flourishing. She had a large courtyard to play in, her [...]

Yannis Adoniou: Learning By Doing

Yannis Adoniou: Learning By Doing How might one describe the creature that is Yannis Adoniou? I could try by speaking of a Mediterranean sun, glowing and glistening, nourishing and radiant. I might then suggest the world as a stage, upon which edges are publicly explored, surveyed, challenged, redefined. I’d probably conclude with theories of convergence; [...]

Tomi Paasonen: Questions & Dreams

Tomi Paasonen: Questions & Dreams “I like going back and forth between the professional and the layman realm, but I always find myself being closer to who I am when I work with nonprofessionals. I feel like I’m closer to something more authentic, something more real, something more broken if you say. Something that asks [...]