This site showcases those who cultivate beauty through creative expression. One Sunday every month, a new profile will appear, tracing the path of someone, somewhere in the world, doing something incredible. Veronika also offers bi-monthly snapshots in a new series called “Check It”, featuring a person, place, or thing that was just too darn good not to share.

So then you ask, who the hell is Veronika Sprinkel?

Former street-kid metal chick turned opera singer, performance artist, foodie, francophile wine enthusiast; Veronika Sprinkel explores the driving spirit within human passion and creativity. A fearless free spirit, who’s endless sense of curiosity guides her straight into the hearts of strangers. Veronika is a fighter, a dream chaser, a soft marshmallow center covered by hard candy coating who couldn’t stop if she wanted to.

Among her many and varied projects, Veronika is working diligently away on a series of short novels. Based on real life events, “The Life and Times of Veronika Sprinkel Volumes 1-?”, tells a story of survival, passion, perseverance and adventure.  A young Veronika is abandoned into a strange and dangerous world, forced to find her way alone. We follow Veronika as she pursues her dreams of becoming a singer; the original plan to front a rock band and be dead by the age of twenty is thwarted as Veronika becomes an internationally acclaimed Mezzo-Soprano. Traveling the world aided by some particularly strange luck, Veronika finds herself experiencing life in ways no one could have ever predicted. While her trials at times may be great, it is her sense of endless curiosity which keeps Veronika moving forward.

In tandem, the book and the blog are intended to explore the depths of human existence: the good the bad and the everything in between. Within such unpredictable chaos there must be some form of natural order, and in the end Veronika realizes the power of letting go. As with most things this story remains to be continued.

The blog is now, the book in progress, stay tuned, hearts & lightning bolts. Xo

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